Intelli Joy is a leading developer of preschool educational apps.
Kids Learn to… is a series of apps that are designed to help kids (ages 3-5) learn with features that are strictly educational. Each game is dedicated to a specific portion of the preschool curriculum.


Find a vendor with native Android app development experience and a proven track record of successful mobile app development projects to develop a series of apps. It was also especially important that the vendor have experience in creating games for young children in order to develop mobile app interfaces that are kid-friendly.


Following an in-depth vetting process, our team was selected to create four Russian language apps for Intelli Joy – Кids ABC Letter Trains (Lite), Mosаic for Children, Кids Learn to Read (Lite), and Кids Learn Shapes FREE.

With the Kids… apps, young children can perform a variety of tasks:

  • That encourage learning
  • Include identifying, finding, matching, and sorting letters, shapes, and objects
  • Receive positive reinforcement from a likeable teacher.

Preschoolers can also use their creativity to create original artwork with the Mosаic for Children app.


The Kids Learn to Read app has been featured at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. The apps currently have 4.0 ratings in the app stores and have been installed over 1 million times!


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