Diagnosis and Recommendation Systems

As developers working at the forefront of the healthcare, finance and retail industries, we have seen a significant increase in the number of organizations that are adopting AI-powered technology. Self-taught software systems are now a critical component of adaptive platforms capable of spotting anomalies, calculating risks, and other real-world applications. From diagnosis to recommendation systems, we develop AI frameworks to spur innovation and solve complex business challenges.





Image, Speech, and Face Recognition

At Achievion, we’re tackling some of today’s most challenging AI applications: image, speech and face recognition. Adaptive neural networks are capable of solving complex signal processing or pattern recognition problems and are ideal for these applications. Together with our enterprise-level clients, we’re developing machine learning models from scratch or on top of existing software in order to create app solutions that are maintainable, scalable and easily integrated with third-party systems.






Conversations & Human Interaction 

We employ AI, speech recognition and natural language processing to develop intelligent machines that can process and communicate language. This technology is being used by businesses to gain a competitive advantage and enhance customer service. Applications include the development of chatbots and virtual assistants and as a tool for sentiment analysis, market intelligence, advertising strategy and machine translation.





Machine learning is used to develop a unique profile of each individual that is then used to customize and personalize the user experience. An individual’s profile is updated with every new relevant action, behavior and input. Hyper-personalization is being used to personalize content, advice or guidance, to recommend relevant products, provide personalized healthcare, finance, and other ways for the benefit of an individual.




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