Platform Dapps

Building a platform Dapp involves building both a new blockchain and token system. If your goal is to build a platform that allows developers to build their own apps and services, then a platform Dapp is the best solution. Like Bitcoin and other altcoins, platform Dapps feature a private blockchain. We are well aware of the limitations of Ethereum and Bitcoin and we have the experience needed to help you improve upon the capabilities that other existing blockchains lack or have not handled effectively.

Software Dapps

Software Dapps utilize pre-existing blockchain platforms and are ideal if the goal of your Dapp project is to use your Dapp to address a specific problem. In essence, this type of Dapp is like a software program. The main reason that startups opt to build Software Dapps is because they want to make use of an existing blockchain’s functionality. However, software Dapps still require the almost all of the app functionality to be custom developed. To that end, we are capable of building reliable, protocol-based solutions.

Specialized Software Dapps

Specialized Software Dapps are capable of integrating with other blockchain apps or protocols. With this approach, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage the features of the blockchain’s open-source community projects. This is the area that is currently experiencing the most activity and in which there are already several Dapps in various stages of development. With the goal of introducing a new concept that would not otherwise excel under the traditional app development model, we can help you implement a Dapp that delivers superior transparency, flexibility, and resiliency.

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