AI-powered document classification service

Document categorization service for Document Management System in construction industry.


Project and document management systems (DMS) provider offering software products for construction and real estate industries.


Streamline and simplify manual document entry process for the end users of the client’s DMS.


Our data science experts reviewed samples of the typical documents that get entered into the system and built the Machine Learning model that broke them down into categories based on the OCRed content. Then the software engineering team wrapped the model into a group of APIs deployed to the AWS cloud and integrated the solution with client’s document management system.

The service offers the following features:

  • Parsing of the typical construction and real estate documents in DOC, XLS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and AutoCad’s DWG formats
  • Recognition of both hand-written and typed text
  • Classification and labeling of the documents based on the predefined rules
  • Integration with DMS platforms
  • GDPR compliance


Our cloud-based solution achieved 98% accuracy in classification of both hand-written and typed documents. It significantly reduced manual burden on the end users and brought client’s software to the next technological level powered by AI.

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