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AI-Powered Solutions

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Conversational and Human Interaction

We employ AI, speech recognition and natural language processing to develop intelligent machines that can process and communicate language. This technology is being used by businesses to gain a competitive advantage and enhance customer service.

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Chatbots are text-based conversational assistants that communicate with users through various channels such as web platforms, social networks and mobile apps. They examine human language and are capable of learning on their own. Chatbots for customer service can assist businesses in engaging customers by answering frequently asked questions and adding context to conversations. They can also be integrated into mobile apps, adding value to your business and users. AI-powered chatbots aid in increasing the productivity of the company internal workforce.


Voice Assistants

A voice assistant is an AI-powered software program that communicates with the user verbally and responds to spoken instructions. Today, people find what they are looking for online using voice assistants like Alexa or by instructing a search engine's voice function, such as Google voice search. Users can get personalized recommendations and offers from voice assistants, making them the main focus of many marketers today. Upselling and cross-selling are two marketing strategies that can be used more intuitively through voice.


Accessibility Assistants

Accessibility Assistants improve day-to-day activities and improve life quality for disabled users. They use a variety of solutions such as Image Recognition for visually impaired persons, Lip-Reading Recognition for people with hearing impairments, Text Summarization for individuals with mental impairments, Real-time subtitles or interpretations for people with hearing impairments, or even people who do not speak the language.

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