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Dreams come true.

Alex Comes to America

The story of Achievion begins with Alex Jacome. In 2003, Alex came to the US from Belarus with $300 in his pocket and a big dream to start a software development company. Why? While working on his Computer Science degree, he LOVED coming up with elegant and simple solutions to complex problems. And, now he wanted to apply this art by helping leaders and organizations who shared the same passion.

He Optimizes Himself

After putting his suitcase down, he hit the ground running and landed himself a position as a Java Developer at SAIC.

At just 28 years of age, he received a promotion to the position of Solutions Architect within the company. Alex’s organizational vision, innovative ideas, obsession with quality code, and excellent people skills were the main factors that helped to propel his career with the company.

His Obsession With Seeing Clients Succeed Won’t End

During his time with SAIC, Alex worked with around 200 employees. He learned a lot about software design and building high quality, mission critical software products for a number of large enterprise organizations. He also discovered a new passion – he LOVED seeing clients succeed. With this experience under his belt and a drive to help clients WIN, Alex decided that it was time to venture out on his own and founded Achievion in 2013.

Now We Can’t Stop Building Awesome Stuff. . .

Today, we’re team of architects, senior developers and product managers dedicated to creating the world’s best mobile and web applications leveraging sophisticated technologies such as Blockchain and AI.

At Achievion, our core beliefs are quality design and excellent customer service. Our mission is to deliver bullet-proof software and exceptional experiences to our clients. That means a response time of under 1 hour for 95% of the inquiries that we receive and projects delivered on-time and on-budget.

. . . and Getting Awards for Making Our Clients Happy 🙂

As an award-winning company, we’ve worked with a range of clients from startups to well-established businesses and government organizations. At Achievion we deliver great products that people love to use.

We hope that you’ll join us on this awesome journey and share our passion for elegant solutions to complex problems. We can’t wait to help you WIN!

Our manifesto

“When solution is simple, God is answering” Albert Einstein

Come up with elegant solutions to complex problems

Be an expert in your area of specialization

Respond within 1 hour to every major client’s inquiry

Challenge a client’s bad idea

Become a reliable partner to the client

Leadership Team

Alex Jacome

Alex is a Chief Executive Officer with over 10 years of experience building top notch software products. His contagious passion for elegant solutions drives the entire team to achieve perfection.

Andrey Martinkov

Andrey serves as a client’s right hand throughout a product development journey. Starting from concept to UI design to development and on-going support he helps deliver a winning product.

Inga Jacome

Inga has an eye for clean and authentic design. She is able to translate high-level requirements into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.

Peter Rogers

Peter is a highly accomplished high-tech executive with a distinguished 20-year career growing revenue, profits, and market share for both established and early-stage companies. Peter is now passionate about and fully focused on the fast growing market for blockchain applications and solutions. He is leading company Blockchain Practice and provides consultancy and support for blockchain startups and companies planning to introduce blockchain technologies into existing operations.

Vlad Dubovik

Vlad is an architect, whose passion for software development spans over a decade. He is a guru in over two dozen technologies, as well as production processes.

Vadim Kostko

Vadim is a team lead who has a deep well of experience in modern UI and backend frameworks. His passion for innovative technologies such as Blockchain and AI helps Achievion offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Andrew Kosyachy

Andrey is mobile technologies guru and ideologist for our mobile + web single-source solution framework. He’s spearheading mobile development projects with unmatched enthusiasm and passion.

Yuri Zhdanov

Yuri brings 9+ years of Java experience developing web and desktop applications for complex enterprise systems. Our big ticket clients LOVE him!

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