AI-powered investment marketplace

AI-powered marketplace matching investors with startups.


A California-based startup in the VC investment industry.


Our client spent over a year analyzing profiles of a wide range of startups to see if there is a way to predict the success of a given company before pouring money into it. It turned out that data analytics alone was not able to produce accurate results. So they set their eyes on the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence to get more help.

After investing a significant amount of time and energy, they came up with a proprietary AI-based approach that yielded much better outcomes. Now they needed a company who could turn their mathematical algorithms into a product.


Using recurrent neural network framework as the brain of the solution, we turned the client’s mathematical algorithms into an elegant AI based product.

Features include:

  • Consumption of multiple data points about a given startup organization and prediction data set generation
  • A backend services layer that ingests the data and serves it to a slick user interface
  • A user interface that presents the outcome in easy to read graphs and charts


The proprietary AI-based approach to predicting the success of investments yielded much better outcomes than data analytics alone. The AI based product makes it easy for the end-user to make business decisions for various investment scenarios.

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