Blockchain-based business applications

Custom applications built on BIX distributed ledger.


Blockchain Information Exchange (BIX) Systems company developed a next generation secure distributed ledger based on blockchain architecture. Their infrastructure overcomes the traditional blockchain issues of trust, security, scalability and offers a platform for building enterprise-grade distributed applications.


BIX team is comprised of world-class academic, computer security and blockchain experts who developed the backbone of the platform. In 2017 their solution started to get traction among financial, real estate, healthcare startups and organizations looking to leverage the benefits of the blockchain technology. To meet the growing demand, BIX decided to partner with a software development agency experienced in building sophisticated blockchain-based custom applications.


After a series of introductory meetings Achievion was selected as a partner team. We analyzed client’s microservices-based platform architecture, requirements for prospective applications and built a common Template module that expedites future apps development by an order of magnitude. Once the Template module was developed, we designed and delivered a number of custom applications built on top of that module in a very short period of a few months.


This foundation facilitates bringing new apps to market very rapidly for BIX clients.

The professional and effective team has proven their talent to the extent that they are leveraged as third-party experts on additional projects. The success of their IT strategies and project management processes has cemented them as a reliable partner.
Sead M

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