Event security app powered by facial recognition

Facial recognition mobile app for events industry to enhance security.


A proprietary security solutions company with a focus on the events industry.


Enhance security and surveillance at events using powerful facial-recognition technology.


After much forethought and brainstorming as well as several trial runs, the team at Achievion developed a biometric application for face recognition solution that makes it possible to extract features from a person’s photos by means of computer vision.

Features include:

  • Image stabilization for improved processing result. Image stabilization minimizes the chances of blurry photos due to vibration or movements in the platform on which the camera rests.
  • Detection and comparison of facial features. Useful information is provided by the human face. With the biometric application, it is possible to perform fast and reliable detection and comparison of facial features using vision-based computer-human interaction.
  • Landmark points identification for accurate identification of landmarks within facial images; helpful in face identification and analysis of facial expression
  • Rotation vector calculations to obtain a single coefficient vector for all frames

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