Forte is a video streaming platform that offers its users live and on-demand boutique fitness classes from top studios worldwide. 


Rescue the video streaming platform after the company unexpectedly lost its CTO. Upon the CTO’s departure content that subscribers had paid for became unavailable creating a business crisis. Forte needed to get the content up and running immediately.


Using their expertise, the Achievion team was able to quickly pick up where the former tech team left off. They were able to get platform up and running and then enhance it with the following features:

  • Connect user’s wearable devices to the platform for instant workout performance feedback
  • Integrate the platform with variety of world-class fitness service providers
  • Integrate with multiple social media platforms
  • Develop in-depth reporting capabilities
  • Fine tune cloud infrastructure to reduce operational costs


To quote Forte, “We needed .NET support and Achievion brought in their experts to not only rework and enhance what was going on, but build off of that. They picked up where the former tech team left off. They’re doing more than supporting the backend. They’re pretty much doing everything a CTO would do and then some.”


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