The Grassroot Project is a non-profit school and community-based health education program, working with local organizations and government health departments to provide health education and health screenings at community events. The program utilizes non-traditional health educators in order to build relationships with students as a means of reducing health disparities.


Having trained more than 1000 coaches, The Grassroot Project was looking for a mobile development company that could assist them in streamlining reporting for their coaches while also allowing office personnel to manage active programs more effectively. As a non-profit organization, cost, ease of communication, and the ability to deliver an easy to use system for the organization’s users were all important considerations.


As a local DC-based provider, Achievion Solutions was selected by The Grassroot Project to deliver both mobile app and administrative web app. The mobile app for coaches consisted of a login interface, attendance menu, and reports so that coaches can keep track of the activities that their students perform. The admin web app for program administrators has several features including a login interface, manage programs, manage student lists, and view attendance and submitted fidelity reports. As a result, we were able to deliver a streamlined solution that coaches can easily download and use via a smartphone while also making it easier for program administrators to track the activities of their coaches.


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