Health education non-profit app

Mobile app streamlining reporting for organization coaches and allowing office personnel to manage active programs effectively.


The Grassroot Project is a non-profit school and community-based health education program, working with local organizations and government health departments to provide health education and health screenings at community events.


Design and develop a digital solution that could assist the organization in streamlining reporting for their coaches while also allowing office personnel to manage active programs more effectively. As a non-profit organization, cost, ease of communication, and the ability to deliver an easy to use system for the organization’s users were all important considerations.


Achievion developed a mobile app for coaches and administrative web app for the back-office personnel. The mobile app included the following features:

  • Login interface
  • Attendance menu
  • Reports so that coaches can keep track of the activities that their students perform.

The admin web app allowed the organization personnel to:

  • Manage programs
  • Manage student lists
  • View attendance
  • Submit reports to the government


A cost-effective and easy to use solution. A mobile app that coaches can easily download and use and an administrative web app for program administrators to track performance of their coaches.

The student-athlete educators that used the app claim that it saved time and increased interaction in classrooms. Achievion Solutions delivered on time, providing in-person meetings and consistent clear communication.
Marie R
IT Director

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