Just Answer is a website that connects visitors to experts in various disciplines. In order to improve its functionality and user experience, it has introduced AI-chatbots that route questions to human experts and make the ‘question-answer’ process faster and more efficient.


Just Answer is one of the few survivors from the era of the ‘Questions and Answers’ craze on the web. This was a time when people looking for answers to all sorts of questions would immediately turn to ‘answer engines’ such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, the ‘Q&A’ platforms of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and Just Answer. Only three of these platforms survived: Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Just Answer. Now, Just Answer is looking to become the leader in answer engines’ and the ‘go-to site’ for answers by using AI-chatbots to route questions to human experts. With use of AI-chatbot, Just Answer hopes to make the ‘question-answer’ process faster and more efficient than its current state.


There is no doubt that human experts are better at answering complex questions than machine learning algorithms. The only problem is that no ‘answer engine’, including Quora and Yahoo, had been able to crack the code to success. Just Answer is looking to change that with the use of AI-chatbots.

A company that uses the paid-advice model, Just Answer connects each user to one of its experts for a consultation fee. Now, a new AI-chatbot or virtual assistant is making the processing faster and more efficient for both the users and experts of Just Answer. Trained on millions of questions and answers in Just Answer’s database, the virtual assistant or chatbot eliminates the need for experts to spend time deciphering the nature of a user’s problem or question before giving their response.

Functioning as an intelligent routing engine, the chatbot developed for Just Answer can recognize over 100,000 variables and request follow-up questions that are context-specific. For example, if there’s a technical problem with a machine, the chatbot will perform a general diagnosis of the problem and then route that information to a qualified technician or mechanical engineer prior to the consultation. Also, during the conversation, users will be asked if they would like assistance from an expert.

The above helps to quickly determine the nature of the question or problem. This, in turn, improves closing rates and increases the number of customers willing to pay for advice. Put simply, customers are twice more likely to interact with a website when you reach out with a proactive chat.

By incorporating machine learning and natural language processing, the team at Achievion was able to develop an intelligent chatbot that consistently replicated Just Answer’s brand personality and voice in user correspondence. Since it is conversational dialog engine powered by machine learning, the chatbot can carry out conversations with multiple users simultaneously. The major benefit of the AI-chatbot for Just Answer is increased conversions which allows the online expert question and answer website to stay relevant and grow.

  • MACHINE LEARNING, natural language processing, PHP, AWS

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