Just Answer intelligent chatbot

AI virtual assistant to help routing context-specific questions to proper experts.


Just Answer is an online answer engine that connects visitors to experts in various disciplines. It uses the paid-advice model.


Just Answer was seeking an AI solution to route questions to human experts and improve the speed and efficiency of the ‘question-answer’ process.


Using AI, machine learning and natural language processing, the Just Answer Chatbot was developed to serve as an intelligent routing engine.

Features include:

  • Trained on millions of questions and answers in Just Answer’s database
  • Ability to recognize over 100,000 variables
  • Quickly determines the best expert for the question, eliminating the need for experts to spend time deciphering the nature of a user’s problem or question before giving their response
  • Carries out conversations with multiple users simultaneously


Questions are routed faster, communication between user and expert is more efficient. The improved efficiency and speed have resulted in increased conversions which allows the online expert question and answer website to stay relevant and grow.

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