Telecom network quality assessment app

Telecom platform for assessing carrier’s network quality and performance


Nationwide telecom service provider specializing in delivering public safety and critical infrastructure industry solutions.


Design and develop mobile + web platform to allow client’s state customers evaluate mobile network carrier’s quality, speed and performance. The platform should be able to support 1000s of mobile devices transferring data to the server and provide robust data analytics capability.


Achievion team delivered scalable cloud-based web platform along with Android app supporting all major Android OS versions and device models. Major features include:

  • Mobile app collects critical mobile network parameters and transfers them to the server
  • The app works in the background without distracting user from normal day-to-day activities
  • Server-side module allows to run robust data analytics leveraging Esri GIS framework


Our client now has an ability to measure the network performance for his multiple public safety projects spread across the US. On top of that, he can earn additional income by selling platform licenses to other telecom service providers.

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