NIH electronic Research Administration (eRA) provide applicants, grantees and federal staff the tools necessary for electronic processing of grants. Used by DHHS and other Federal Agencies eRA systems support the full grants life cycle from receipt to award to closeout.


Majority of grant applications processed by eRA are submitted by a single research institute. However, a small part of application flow can be sponsored by multiple organizations and comprise a complex application. eRA required to enhance its systems infrastructure to be able to accept and process these complex applications for the entire grant lifecycle.


Achievion Solutions designed architecture of the ASSIST application which is responsible for intake of complex applications from the grantees using. ASSIST is built on SOA best practices and communicates with internal eRA systems via Web Services protocol. We’ve also led development and testing of one of the internal modules that downloads complex applications from Grants.gov system and decomposes it for downstream processing. By the end of this project eRA re-emphasized its positions as a leading grants management provider in Federal Government.


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