Client is a payment and information management solution for leaders and members of school community organizations. Their solution allows groups leaders to conveniently list and sell virtually any type of extracurricular activity item.

Objective’s tremendous growth required an expert IT team to enhance their platform with new features as well as provide ongoing maintenance and support for the system.


Our architect analyzed the system and suggested ways of improving its performance, stability and ensure smooth user experience. From day one we’ve established proper communication protocols to ensure quick issue resolution turnaround. Achievion developers implemented hundreds of new features long awaited by the platform end users. We have also improved the backend administration site that now allows instant visibility into multiple facets of the platform e-commerce components.


The platform enhancements allowed platform to be used by more than 200,000 school, parent and community organization end-users across 15 states. In 2018 the platform was successfully sold to one of the major US payment providers.


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