Computer vision powered retail traffic analytics software

Platform for analyzing foot traffic patterns in retail stores and malls based on camera footage.


Technology company providing data-driven solutions to the brick-and-mortar retail sector.


Build real-time mall traffic monitoring solution by analyzing camera footage to help operation teams manage store occupancy efficiently and capitalize on consumer insights.


Our team performed a broad analysis of the video footage collected from several shopping malls. Then we designed intuitive platform user interface and delivered the software that includes the following features:

  • Visitors count and pathways tracking
  • Heatmaps generation across various metrics such as number of people, dwell time, traffic journeys and others
  • Store lines monitoring and management
  • Social distancing and store occupancy monitoring
  • MAG (mood/age/gender) visitor profiling
  • Marketing campaign performance measurements


Our software was deployed to several shopping malls and produced a multitude of insightful data points about visitors. This information allowed individual store owners to deliver personalized offerings to their clients and achieve higher retention rates.

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