STYLECABLE is an e-commerce web platform that connects the most talented up-and-coming fashion designers with their fans and customers. It allows to discover the latest trends, become fans of designers, and purchase or pre-order the pieces.


As an early stage startup STYLECABLE was looking for an IT company that could develop product technical roadmap, educate them on the existing e-commerce solutions, build the platform and support it during the entire system lifecycle. A limited startup budget was another key factor in picking the right vendor.


After a rigorous interview process Achievion Solutions was selected to bring the emerging fashion designer platform into existence. We have built the STYLECABLE website on the popular Broadleaf E-commerce engine. It did all the heavy lifting of order processing and account management saving money for the client along the way. Achievion developers created a sleek looking frontend, integrated it with the backend and finally deployed the system in to the AWS cloud. The innovative STYLECABLE idea powered by Achievion’s senior developers allowed the platform to be featured in the Washington Post’s fashion section many times over the past several years.


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