Telecom Compliance SaaS

Web + Mobile platform for FCC compliance testing.


Telnet is a consulting firm providing end-to-end telecom and IT solutions globally. They deliver RF Engineering, In-Building, Regulatory compliance and other services to top US wireless operators, equipment vendors, as well as government and other commercial entities.


One of the Telnet’s lines of business is wireless antennas RF emissions (EME) FCC compliance testing. This is a multi-stage process which involves several groups of RF engineers and takes weeks to complete. Telnet was determined to find a solution that would drastically reduce the EME testing project duration from several weeks to several days.


Achievion team designed and developed multi-platform SaaS-based solution that consists of:

  • Cross-platform (Android and iOS) tablet apps that allow field engineers to efficiently plan their daily route and enable them to enter survey site geo-location data directly into the centralized system leaving tedious manual data entry and sketching behind.
  • Back office application that consolidates the data submitted by multiple field engineers. The system allows office personnel to generate compliance reports in 1 hour with minimal efforts bypassing existing multi-step process that involves several disparate tools.


Achievion platform successfully achieved the goal by reducing EME report end-to-end generation from several weeks to 1 day. Moreover, Telnet now has a SaaS application which they can sell on subscription basis to other telecom service providers.

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