The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) is a non-profit organization working on behalf of veterans and active duty military personnel to ensure that they receive the benefits that they are entitled to having become disabled while performing military service for our country. The organization has worked since 1980 providing free legal representation to veterans and active duty personnel in the form of individual representation and class action.


NVLSP was looking to develop web and mobile apps that would help veterans and active duty personnel determine what disability benefits would be available to them. The organization was looking for a vendor who could assist them in delivering a multi-phase project which involved the creation of an administrative web app, as well as, web and mobile apps for their military users. In selecting a vendor for this project, NVLSP was looking for a vendor who could seamlessly integrate these important organizational activities, as well as, deliver the project on-time while meeting strict budget limitations.


The admin web app uses LimeSurvey platform to deliver the admin interface of the Veterans Benefits Questionnaire app. Administrators can create questionnaire landing pages, add questions and more. The web app version of the Veterans Benefits Questionnaire app makes the questionnaire accessible to users, allowing them to answer questions and download their results as a PDF file or have the questionnaire results sent to them via email. The mobile app offers similar features as the web app, while optimizing the questionnaire experience for mobile.


With both a web and mobile app, we’ve helped NVLSP to make it easier for their potential clients to find out about their disability benefits. For NVLSP administrators, the new apps also streamline the process of collecting important questionnaire data and reviewing submitted questionnaires.


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