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Axios AI in 2050 Roundtable

Axios is a media company that delivers news and information in a reader-friendly way. The company targets coverage of news about business, politics, technology, healthcare and others.

Achievion CEO, Alex Jacome, has been invited to the roundtable discussion on the future of AI from technology and policy perspectives. The conversation was represented by 25 policy and technology leaders including Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA), Dr. Mona Siddiqui (Chief Data Officer at HHS), Collin Sebastian (Head of Software Products and Engineering at SoftBank Robotics America) and others. 

Alex Jacome was one of the few AI technology practitioners invited to the event. He described the AI technology landscape of 2019 and talked about necessary breakthroughs that have to happen in order to move AI to the next level of adoption. Alex touched upon the following areas:

  • Deep learning approach has to be improved to require smaller sets of data for training.
  • Deep reasoning research has to catch up with deep learning.
  • Language understanding needs to be advanced so AI engine can truly and fully comprehend the text.
  • Quantum computing should allow expand neural networks from millions to billions of neurons to be on par with the human brain.

Full article covering this discussion is available on Axios website – https://www.axios.com/expert-voices-live-ai-in-2050-4f35efb5-6320-4339-a40e-a7868f793ef0.html.

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