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“CAPRE 2019 Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure” conference

CapRE Media is the organizer of the longest-running regional data center conference series in North America. Their Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Forecast annual conference is highly respected event which attracts representatives from majority of data center management companies all around the US. This year CapRE focused the conference around 5G rollout, hyperscale development as well as innovations introduced by AI, IoT and Blockchain technologies.

Achievion Solutions has been invited to join the conference and present our AI and Blockchain expertise as part of the Innovations in Data Centers Infrastructure Management (DCIM): How AI, IoT & Blockchain Are Changing the Operations Game panel. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the DCIM game — significantly increasing efficiency and decreasing TCO. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain and cutting-edge DCIM platforms are all changing what it means to not only monitor but manage a data center.

Our CEO, Alex Jacome, participated in the discussion panel along with representatives from DropBox and Digital Chamber of Commerce. He went over the AI and Blockchain history as well as explained the benefits these technologies could bring to the Data Centers management. Brief outline of the topics Alex covered at the event is listed below.


  • What is blockchain
  • Public vs Private blockchain
  • Nodes: miners or enterprise servers
  • Consensus algorithms (PoWork, PoStake, PoAthority, DistributedPoS)
  • Smart contracts
  • 3 generations of Blockchain platforms
  • Blockchain advantages
  • Blockchain benefits for Data Center management:
    • Data Centers Configuration Management Database
    • Security
    • Eliminate Reliance on Transaction Intermediaries
    • User Empowerment
    • Transparency
  • Data Center requirements:
    • Elevated Demand for GPUs
    • Fundamental Changes to Data Center Architecture to support decentralized clouds


  • AI birthday
  • AI Winters
  • 3 reasons why AI entered its Summer season after 2010
  • 4 layers of AI ecosystem
    • AI & ML infrastructure
    • AI Enabling technologies
    • Horizontal applications of AI
    • Industry-specific (Vertical) applications of AI
  • Business benefits of AI for Data Centers:
    • Need for Global Data Centers with GPUs
    • Artificial Intelligence Helping Data Centers Become Energy Efficient
    • Using Artificial Intelligence for Server Optimization
    • Data Center Security
    • Future Data Centers with AI Operators and Robots
    • Better AI-based DCIM Tools in the Future

Following the conference, Achievion team has put together an article dedicated to the subject of AI and Blockchain use cases for the Data Centers management. If you are interested to learn more, visit our Blog.

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