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“Global Block Builders” conference

Global Block Builders annual conference connects innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, and investors in the Blockchain space from around the world. Representatives from various industries get together to show case their Blockchain-based products, share ideas and best practices as well as host workshops.

Achievion team has been invited to join the conference in Austin, TX to speak about our Blockchain solutions and outline critical success factors for development of the products based on distributed ledger technology. Since the Blockchain ecosystem is still fairly young, the conference organizers wanted a mature technology company to share the best practices with innovators and entrepreneurs to ensure they are targeted for success from the very beginning.

Our CEO, Alex Jacome, and CMO, Andrey Martinkov, attended the conference. They prepared a detailed presentation that included case studies from Achievion’s portfolio, high level architecture of typical Blockchain-based solution and critical factors that helped achieve successful rollout of the product.

If you are interested to learn more about the critical success factors for Blockchain product development, contact us here.

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