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NVAR’s Evolution Tech Showcase

June 12, 2024 – Achievion was honored to participate in the 3rd Annual NVAR Evolution Tech Showcase. This event highlighted how Realtors can leverage AI to enhance the value they provide to their clients.

NVAR's Evolution Tech Showcase

The conference provided great value to the DC area Real Estate community:

  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of AI’s pivotal role in shaping the future of real estate;
  • Inspired discussions and explorations of services available to Realtors to maximize their business potential;
  • Fostered collaboration and networking among industry leaders and technology enthusiasts.

Achievion was invited to present our latest AI-powered solutions in RE space. Our AI Strategist, Joseph Vinokuroff, delivered an engaging presentation featuring an innovative chatbot designed to interact with the audience and demonstrate AI’s capabilities in real estate.

During the presentation, attendees used a QR code to access a landing page with the chatbot. The chatbot collected participants’ information and top business challenges, analyzed their company website and LinkedIn profiles, and delivered tailored AI solutions addressing their specific pain points.

For instance, if attendee mentioned the need to send an update to the clients or remind them to sign paperwork within a week of purchasing a home, the chatbot offered three AI-driven solutions to address this need, all based on industry standards and best practices.

The 3rd Annual NVAR Evolution Tech Showcase proved to be a valuable event for its members, providing them with a deeper understanding of AI’s transformative potential in the real estate industry. Participants gained insights into innovative AI tools and solutions designed to optimize their business operations, improve client engagement, and streamline workflows. The event facilitated meaningful discussions and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration among industry leaders and technology enthusiasts. As a result, the Washington DC area real estate sector is poised to experience significant advancements in efficiency and client service, driven by the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies.

Achievion Solutions continues to lead the way in AI innovation for the real estate industry, empowering Realtors with the tools they need to streamline their business processes and better serve their clients.

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