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Real Estate Chatbots: Types, Business Benefits, and Impactful Use Cases

In recent years, the integration of chatbots has reshaped numerous industries. According to Markets and Markets, the chatbot market is expected to grow from $5.4 billion in 2023 to $15.5 billion in 2028, showing a CAGR of a whopping 23.3%

This burgeoning growth in the real estate industry is no exception either. According to stats provided by LocaliQ, the real estate sector makes the most use of a chatbot, with 28% of real estate companies using live chatbot technology on their site.

As such, this innovative and intuitive technology provides innovative solutions and transforms how real estate professionals interact with clients, manage properties, and streamline operations. 

In this article, we will discuss real estate chatbots and their role in benefiting the real estate sector. We will also talk about the various types of property management chatbots, their applications, and how they can help businesses grow.

What is a Real Estate Chatbot?

A real estate chatbot is an AI-powered software designed specifically for the real estate industry to assist users in various tasks related to buying, selling, renting, or investing in properties. These chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to simulate human-like conversations and provide information and assistance to users.

Functionalities of Real Estate Chatbots

Let’s look at some of the major functionalities of a real estate chatbot:

⚙️ 24/7 Availability: One of the key features of real estate chatbots is their round-the-clock availability. They can engage with users at any time of the day or night, providing immediate responses to inquiries, which is especially beneficial in a global market where potential buyers or renters could be in different time zones.

⚙️ Property Information Dissemination: Chatbots excel in providing detailed information about properties. By using chatbots for real estate, you can access and share specifics such as property listings, prices, location details, amenities, square footage, images, and more. Users can inquire about different properties and get instant responses without waiting for an agent.

⚙️ Query Resolution: These chatbots are equipped to handle various queries from users, whether they’re asking about property availability, financing options, legal processes, or any other related information. The chatbots use their programmed knowledge base to provide accurate and relevant responses.

⚙️ Appointment Scheduling: Real estate chatbots streamline the process of scheduling property viewings or appointments with agents. They can check the availability of both the property and the agent, sync calendars, and book appointments based on the user’s preferences.

⚙️ Sales Assistance: Chatbots can assist in the sales process by guiding users through property selection, providing comparative analysis of properties, offering personalized recommendations based on preferences, and even initiating the initial stages of transactions or documentation.

Capitalizing on Chatbots: Business Benefits in the Real Estate Industry

Capitalizing on Chatbots in the real estate industry offers several business benefits:

Improved Customer Service

Real estate chatbots provide immediate responses to inquiries, ensuring round-the-clock availability. This enhances customer service by addressing queries promptly, improving satisfaction, and fostering positive experiences for potential buyers, sellers, or renters. In fact, research says businesses can reduce the cost of customer service by 30% by leveraging chatbots.

Cost-Efficiency Through Automation

Chatbots significantly reduce operational costs by automating routine tasks. Consider a scenario where a real estate agency receives numerous inquiries daily about property details, availability, and basic information. Employing a chatbot to handle these repetitive inquiries allows human resources to focus on more complex and value-driven tasks, ultimately saving time and reducing labor costs. For example, a study by Juniper Research found that chatbots can help businesses save up to $8 billion per year and 2.5 billion hours of work.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Chatbots are adept at engaging website visitors, capturing leads, and nurturing them through personalized interactions. By qualifying leads and providing relevant property information, chatbots contribute to a more efficient sales funnel. For example, a study by Zendesk found that chatbots can help businesses increase their lead generation by up to 300%.

Enhanced Engagement

With these interactive and conversational AI in real estate, chatbots boost user engagement. They keep users engaged by offering personalized recommendations, suggesting properties based on preferences, and providing tailored information, thereby increasing user interaction and retention.

Develop User Profiles

Utilizing interactive questioning, chatbots can inquire about users’ preferences regarding:

  • Geographical preferences such as area, city, or town
  • Budget constraints
  • Specific requirements, whether for renting, buying, or leasing
  • Desired property types, such as apartments, houses, or condos
  • Preferred number of rooms, bathrooms, backyard features, and the choice between an open or closed garage

By gathering this information from users, chatbots can compile individual profiles, allowing for the provision of tailored property suggestions and listings based on each user’s unique preferences.

Facilitate Virtual Property Tours

When users express interest in a particular property but are not yet prepared to schedule an in-person viewing, chatbots can furnish a link for a virtual 360° tour. This allows users to explore both the exterior and interior of the property, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its layout and features. This functionality proves especially valuable in the current pandemic landscape, where adhering to health precautions may discourage physical property visits.

Moreover, users have the option to instruct the chatbot to showcase specific rooms or features within the house, or seek additional information regarding various spaces and measurements. By offering virtual property tours, chatbots contribute to economic benefits by reducing the necessity for physical visits, saving time for both potential buyers and real estate professionals. This time efficiency leads to increased productivity, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the economic success of real estate businesses.

Streamlined Property Management

Chatbots for real estate agents assist in property management by automating various tasks, such as scheduling property viewings, managing appointments, sending reminders, and even assisting in rental or sales documentation. This streamlines operations and reduces the manual workload for agents. According to Zipdo, 27% of property managers leverage AI chatbots.

Efficient Communication with Clients

Chatbots facilitate seamless communication between real estate agents and clients. They can relay messages, provide updates on property status, share relevant market trends or property insights, and maintain constant communication throughout the buying, selling, or renting process.

Data Collection and Analysis

Chatbots gather valuable data on user preferences, behaviors, and frequently asked questions. This data can be analyzed to gain insights into market trends, client preferences, and areas needing improvement, aiding in better decision-making.

Verify Mortgage Eligibility and Access Financing Tips

Through chatbots, users efficiently check mortgage eligibility, obtain qualification guidance, and initiate applications. Real estate agencies can improve this by linking chatbots with partner banks or lenders for timely financing notifications. This digital mortgage approach aligns with modern trends, as 16% of buyers seek online mortgage insights, and 14% prefer online applications. Beyond information provision, this chatbot-driven process economically benefits real estate agencies by increasing lead generation, expediting conversions, and optimizing operations, ensuring ongoing success in the dynamic real estate sector.

Examine Real Estate Market Trends

Chatbots keep track of customer conversations, helping gather useful data. This data can be used in analytics tools to understand what’s happening in the real estate market. Looking at what people are searching for reveals trends, giving insights into market conditions, investment chances, buying property, and predicting prices.

This practical use of chatbot data isn’t just about keeping up with modern research methods; it also helps real estate businesses make smarter decisions, improve investment plans, and adjust marketing strategies to fit what people want. By using chatbots like this, real estate agencies set themselves up for long-term success, growing economically and staying competitive in the ever-changing market.By leveraging real estate chatbots, businesses in the real estate industry can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, provide better customer experiences, generate leads, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital market.

Types of Property Management Chatbots

Different types of property management chatbots cater to specific real estate needs, offering varied functionalities:

✔️ Customer Support Chatbots: These chatbots focus on providing immediate assistance to users by answering queries related to property details, pricing, amenities, and general inquiries. They offer round-the-clock support and guide users through the initial stages of property exploration.

✔️ Property Search Chatbots: Designed to assist users in finding suitable properties based on their preferences, these chatbots employ filters such as location, price range, size, amenities, and more. They provide personalized property recommendations, making the search process more efficient and tailored to individual needs.

✔️ Appointment Scheduling Chatbots: Chatbots for real estate agents streamline the process of booking property viewings or appointments with property agents, facilitating scheduling based on user preferences and agent availability. They sync calendars and confirm appointments, saving time for both clients and agents.

✔️ Mortgage Calculation Chatbots: These chatbots assist users in calculating mortgage payments, estimating loan amounts, interest rates, and repayment terms. Users can get instant calculations by inputting specific financial details, aiding in better financial planning and decision-making.

✔️ Rental Inquiry Chatbots: Focused on rental properties, these chatbots provide information on available rentals, lease terms, application procedures, and rental property specifics. They engage with potential tenants, answering queries related to rental agreements, pet policies, utilities, and more.

✔️ Generating Leads: Real estate chatbots automatically engage with website visitors, asking for their information to provide property details. This method results in a greater number of leads compared to traditional forms.

Cutting Edge Conversations: Best Real Estate Chatbots in Action

Now, let’s take a look at some cutting-edge real estate chatbot examples and their standout features:


Yellow.ai offers an advanced AI-powered chatbot that integrates seamlessly with real estate websites and apps. It employs natural language understanding to engage users in meaningful conversations, assist with property searches, schedule appointments, and provide personalized recommendations based on user preferences. Additionally, it can handle complex financing, legalities, and property comparison queries.


WotNot specializes in real estate chatbots with features such as lead generation, automated responses to inquiries, property search assistance, and appointment scheduling. It uses AI and machine learning to understand user intent, enabling personalized interactions and efficient handling of various queries throughout the customer journey.


Tars is a versatile chatbot software used on websites and WhatsApp, featuring an extensive template library for various industries, including real estate. It supports WhatsApp marketing for lead generation and provides 24/7 question answering, lead generation from website visitors, tenant inquiries and email responses, maintenance request handling, natural language processing, AI-driven responses, and integrates seamlessly with property management software.

Elise AI

Elise AI, tailored for property management, swiftly handles emails, texts, and calls. It schedules tours, generates leads, and assists tenant inquiries. Its features include 24/7 answering, lead generation, tenant query handling, email management, maintenance requests, AI-driven responses, and seamless property software integration. Elise AI aims to boost tenant satisfaction and save time for property teams.

Custom Solutions for Unique Business Needs

While the market boasts impressive off-the-shelf solutions like Yellow.ai, WotNot, Tars, and Elise AI, it’s essential to recognize that these may not always align perfectly with every business’s unique requirements. Real estate enterprises often have distinct workflows, customer engagement strategies, and specific functionalities they prioritize.

Achievion understands the importance of tailoring solutions to meet your specific business needs. In instances where out-of-the-box chatbots might fall short, opting for a custom chatbot can be a strategic move. Customized solutions allow for a more precise integration of functionalities that align with your business goals.

Our team at Achievion specializes in crafting custom chatbot solutions for the real estate industry. Whether you require a specialized lead generation mechanism, unique conversational features, or integration with proprietary software, we can design a chatbot that caters specifically to your business demands. This approach ensures that the technology aligns seamlessly with your operations, providing a tailored and effective solution.

If you find that existing chatbot solutions lack certain features essential for your real estate business, consider the benefits of a custom chatbot designed by Achievion. We’re committed to helping you navigate the dynamic real estate landscape with innovative and precisely tailored technology solutions.

How Real Estate Chatbots Can Grow Your Business

Real estate chatbots significantly contribute to business growth through various avenues:

Property Searches: By using chatbots for real estate, agents streamline property searches by facilitating interaction with users to understand their preferences regarding location, price range, size, amenities, etc. These bots present relevant property listings, narrowing down choices based on user inputs and providing a more efficient search experience.

Virtual Property Tours: Through interactive conversations, chatbots offer virtual property tours. Users can ask questions about specific rooms, features, or areas within the property, allowing for a personalized tour experience without physically visiting the location.

Financing Assistance: Real estate chatbots can help you with personalized mortgage and financing assistance. Whether you’re unsure about mortgage options, financing terms, or down payment requirements, these chatbots can help. It answers your questions, offers handy mortgage calculators, and guides you through the financing process step by step. This support empowers you to make informed decisions and builds trust in your home buying journey.

Property Management and Maintenance Requests: You can Interact with the real estate chatbot for efficient property management and maintenance requests. If you encounter any issues or need repairs, simply report them through the chatbot. It notifies the relevant parties and keeps track of the request’s progress. This not only improves operational efficiency and reduces response times but also ensures happier tenants and better-maintained properties overall.

Analyzing Market Data and Trends: Real estate professional chatbots can import and analyze data, aiding in understanding market dynamics. They assist in interpreting search queries, facilitating informed investment decisions, and keeping you updated on market conditions and trends.

Lead Qualification: Chatbots for real estate sales assist in qualifying leads by engaging with potential clients, asking relevant questions, and collecting essential information. This process helps in identifying and nurturing qualified leads, streamlining the sales funnel and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Personalized Interactions: These chatbots offer personalized interactions by understanding user preferences, behavior, and past interactions. By tailoring responses and property suggestions based on individual needs, they create a more engaging and satisfying experience for users, thus enhancing the chances of conversion.

Faster Response Times: Real estate chatbots ensure immediate responses to user inquiries, operating round-the-clock. This quick turnaround time significantly improves customer engagement and satisfaction, as users don’t have to wait for manual responses, resulting in increased trust and interest in the business.

Data Collection: Chatbots are efficient tools for collecting valuable user data. They gather insights into user preferences, popular property features, market trends, and more. Analyzing this data aids in making informed business decisions, refining marketing strategies, and improving services to better cater to customer needs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: By providing instant assistance, personalized recommendations, and handling queries efficiently, real estate chatbots enhance overall customer satisfaction. The seamless and prompt interactions positively impact the user experience, encouraging repeat visits and referrals, which are crucial for business growth.

These collective contributions not only drive business growth but also establish a competitive edge in the real estate industry.

Key Takeaways

Real estate chatbots have emerged as transformative tools reshaping the landscape of the real estate industry. Their impact spans across various facets of the business, revolutionizing customer interactions, optimizing operational efficiencies, and enhancing overall business outcomes.

These intelligent conversational AI in real estate have fundamentally altered the way property transactions occur. From personalized property searches and virtual tours to lead qualification and 24/7 customer support, chatbots streamline processes, providing instant information and guidance to potential buyers, sellers, and renters.

Moreover, implementing chatbots in real estate strategies goes beyond just improving operational efficiencies. They foster faster response times, offer personalized interactions, gather valuable data insights, and significantly elevate customer satisfaction.

Integrating chatbots into your business strategy becomes imperative as the real estate industry continues to evolve in the digital age. They not only augment customer experiences but also help in driving growth, increasing lead conversions, and ultimately establishing a competitive edge.

Are you considering embracing real estate chatbots to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive market? At Achievion, we can help you integrate these intelligent assistants into your real estate strategies, allowing you to access untapped potential to revolutionize customer engagement, streamline operations, and propel your business towards success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Reach out to us today to start the conversation!

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